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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Building Dreams...

This poem is dedicated to all Civil Engineers, who have worked hard to accomplish higher degrees and who have a dream to build concrete jungle in this world. 

This poem was penned down in some lecture when professor was bombarding high technical jargon to show his level of intelligence but he was unaware about the intelligence of a student on the last bench who was writing this..............................

The towers stretching high in the sky,
Millions of dreams on which they lie,

Sleepless nights for the aesthetic look,
Bribing hard for the entry in the book,

Feeling vibrations to reach depth of the core,
Spreading the concrete till the hands get sore,

The massive foundation poured with trust,
The reinforcement cleared to avoid the rust,

The slab resting on the columns and beams,
Walking hard in the scorching steam,

Swollen hands and bleeding knees,
Killing flies and cutting tress,

Avoided friends and waiting wives,
Consoling yourself that is called life,

Sweating in sun and drenching in vain,
Work has to go, though in pain,

Coordinating and fighting, though feel the same goal,
We respect each other and the importance of each role,

Then the tears of happiness in eyes,
When the tower has lost in the skies,

The tower stretching high in the sky,
Thousands of people on which they lie,

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Thursday, 8 December 2011

‘Save a Penny and Lose a Pound’

People have a notion that after boozing man would drop his conscious and he would start talking nonsense. But here is some different case, last night after consuming eight bottles of Kingfisher, I got to learn a new lesson from one of my best buddy, Vicky Gosher.
‘I want to save money for my Spain tour next year and I can’t bloody save it’, I said with regret and took a deep puff of hookah. 

Vicky took a sip of his beer as he gazed at me and grinned.

‘Save a Penny and Lose a Pound’, he said in high pitch and knocked an empty glass of beer on the table.

‘What?’ I said in confusion.

‘Ashish Dadgaa, why are you thinking about saving money? Better, you think about HOW TO EARN DOUBLE?  If you will strain yourself and keep thinking about where to cut off the spending, nothing going to sort out. You won’t able to save millions of rupees if you won’t come out for hookah over the weekend. You won’t able to save, if you will stop drinking beer. You won’t able to save, if you will stop dating your angelic girlfriend. At the end, you won’t able to save enough money and you will lose your PRECIOUS TIME OF YOUR LIFE. You are so talented, use your brain, start thinking innovative and do something different’, He said as he took a deep puff of hookah and I listened to him cautiously. 

‘Petrol prices are rising, real estate market getting mad and our girlfriend’s shopping list getting longer day by day, nothing going to subside. So stop thinking about saving and start thinking HOW TO EARN DOUBLE and treat your girlfriend as an angel’, He said as he poured beer in our glasses.

I gazed at him for ten seconds and hugged him firmly.

“Why don’t we all get a great message from what my friend advised me. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are losing so many essential things in our life while thinking about saving a penny. One should concentrate on how to provide superior quality work and EARN DOUBLE in life rather than wasting time on how to save money”

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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Jessica, I STILL love you…..

Some real life incidence recalled me our school days tale and inspired me to reform it in a modern way story telling. After a grilled butter Chicken and Bhiriyani, I pen down this……..  lol :)

John and Jessica were in relationship from last five years, after completion of their college both enrolled themselves in London School of Business. Jessica was not fascinated in business, but she enrolled herself only because of John as she wanted to spend every moment of her life with him.

John was the only son of hot shot business tycoon. He had his own Porsche at the age of twenty two, and he claimed that the passion for football and action movies was inherited from his father where as Jessica claimed, the passion for romantic movies and Cinderella tales were inherited from her mother. Jessica was an elder daughter of her parents, though she was more pampered than her younger sister, Katie.

Jessica’s all demands were fulfilled by her parents. Her servants cooked special supper for her every evening, in spite of that Jessica hated everyone in the family. She hated her close friends and everyone except John; she even hated herself because she was blind.
John loved her unconditionally knowing the fact that she was blind. He was always there for Jessica whenever she needed him. Last year when she had viral fever, John was with her for one week and also during Christmas when she injured herself by falling off the stairs, John stayed with her for ten days in the hospital.

John always celebrated Jessica’s birthday with grand bash and exceptional gifts. On her 18th birthday, he gifted a diamond necklace, on 19th birthday he gifted an Ipod and on 20th birthday he took her to Paris.  Jessica was blind but John never let her realise that and loved her to the core.

John decided to celebrate Jessica’s 21st birthday with the special candle light dinner and grand surprise. He reserved a river facing table in a posh restaurant next to the Tower Bridge.
John attired in a black Armani suit, white shirt and red tie. He gelled his hair and wrapped himself in aroma of Hugo Boss. Jessica looked gorgeous in red satin backless gown and red stilettos gifted by John. Katie done her makeup and enhanced her angelic beauty.
Porsche stood outside the restaurant at 9pm; Jessica was greeted with warm wishes and blessings by the staff as they entered. The couple seated on their special river facing table, which was surrounded by candles, balloons, ribbons and flowers. The cake and champagne were served on the table, followed by delicious Mexican cuisine.

‘John, I Love You and thanks for everything’ Jessica whispered and gently planted her luscious lips on John’s cheek.

‘I Love You too, Honey’ John said, as he moved forward and passionately kissed her forehead.

As they finished their dinner John covered with strange nervousness. He gazed at Jessica for few seconds, got down on his knees and held her right hand tenderly.

‘Jessica, will you marry me?’ John asked with love, care and affection.

Jessica didn’t respond and John waited curiously.

‘I will marry you only if I could see this world’
Quietness broke as Jessica’s words floated in the air. John froze on the spot; his blood veins blocked and gawked at Jessica in shock.

A week later, Jessica’s parents went out of town leaving John to take care of Jessica and in reply John see off them with a word of promise.

Two days later someone donated a pair of eyes to Jessica and after six hours of complex operation, she got her vision. As she opened her eyes a first word, she muttered ‘John’. She demanded to meet him and doctor fulfilled her wish by calling John. He stepped in quietly with an assistance of nurse. Jessica was in sleep; he approached toward the bed and sat next to her. John gently moved his hand on her fingers and she opened her eyes. Very next moment she agitated, her hands shivered, forehead occupied with beads of sweat and tears rolled down from her eyes to see that John was blind too.

She slapped him hard and denied him to marry.

‘Jessica, please listen to me’ John pleaded.

‘I don’t want to hear anything’ she screamed and pushed him on the floor.

‘Jessica, please’

‘Fuck off’

Tears rolled down from John’s eyes and he walked out quietly.

Next day Jessica got a letter from the nurse. The envelope was without a name, as she opened it,


Enjoy your new life with my beautiful pair of eyes.
Take care.

P.S. I Love You


This is how human brain and mind turnaround when their statue changes. Only few humans can stay as they were before and stick to their commitment.

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Monday, 5 December 2011

India at its Best..!!!

When I was in London, one of my uncles called me to wish Happy New Year, after Hello, Hi, How are you? and Happy New Year. He asked me, ‘did you date any white girl?’ I was shocked to hear his question. His next question, ‘How many days in a week do you party?’ I felt that uncle’s train is going on different track now. I gave him all vague answers to his curious questions and at the end he commented, ‘London me to maaze hai dost, ghori ke saath maze karke aana’

Then whole night I gave deep and serious thought on uncle’s word and suddenly at 2am I craved to write something. Next morning I emailed this to my dear uncle……..

People in India have a notion that foreign countries are always best. They think foreign countries are best place to live in. Why is it so? because they are neat and clean? Or they have scenic beauty better than India? These countries only look amazing in Sharukh Khan’s and Akshay Kumar’s movie, but in real life the things are different. Boys who are perusing their studies in foreign countries have a dream to dance with white girls on London Bridge, but at the end of the day the things did not work out and they always land up somewhere else.   

We were and we still are criticising our country for corruption and fraud, but the people who stay out of India feel the darkside of these beautiful foreign countries and at that point they realise true value of India. When young Indian boys and girls go to foreign counties for studies and work with high five dreams in their eyes but after six lonely months they realise the importance of mum, dad and friends in their life which they will find only in Indian no where else.

When they will have to clean their utensils and toilet, that time they would realise the pain of their servants. Where as in India they get neat and clean toilet with the aroma of lavender air freshener. While having dinner, when they have to eat burnt rice and tasteless dal, that time they will realise the value of mum’s hand cooked food and would never criticise her food in their life. When they would have to work in some restaurant and bar as a waiter and earn a few pounds or dollars, that time they would realise the sweetness of their dad’s money.

Boys will understand the value of Indian girls, when they will be tired after a hectic day and girls will move her gentle palm on their face with a lovable kiss on their cheek, while white girls won’t able to do that. Essential part of their life is their “FRIENDS” who understand and feel the importance of their best friends in the life, when they miss all the fun they use to have, nights at friends place with a bottle of whisky and parcel of Pav Bhaji, mid night long drives and road side Pani Puri. These foreign countries have been proud for their low calories and low fat burgers, where as they don’t know the real yummy taste of Indian burger, Vada Pav. They charge you for extra ketchup, where as in India you just need to say Bhaiya-ji to put some more chutney with some extra chillies.

On the other hand, India's transport has a very bad image for traffic and delay. However, it has its own charm. Rickshawala can drive you on top speed, if you are late for an interview or if you are going on a date then he would play romantic songs for you. Unfortunately, these foreign countries don’t have Rickshaw. Foreign trains run on time, people will let you board on the train but they won’t talk to you as they will submerge in their books and magazines. Their robotic behaviour will bore you in your journey. Where as, in our country train runs late, people push each other and their arm pit stinks after a hectic day at work, but anyhow they will find a topic and start talking to you on cricket, politics or a latest gossip in the city, with the smile on their face. In foreign, people don’t know who is staying in their neighbourhood, where as in India, crying baby in a next door or a loud laugh of neighbourhood aunty makes the environment lively.

In India, on every 5km you will get to see any god or goddess’s temple, which is beneficial for students who didn’t do well in their exams. They usually go to temple everyday and ring the bells loud to let the god know that he or she is here and would start buttering them by praying “Jai Bajarang bali, please muje ye exams me aache grades se pass karwa do, mai aap ko das nariyal chadha unga”. Where as, students doesn’t get a chance to do this in US or UK.  The best thing in India, which is a necessity of every India from rich to poor, which makes them aware and energetic, which get rid off their morning laziness and give them evening freshness is called “THE INDIAN CHAI”.  Where as, Costa’s cappuccino or Starbuck’s espresso never works.

Culture, unity, respect and bonding of relationship are something special about India, which no one would find in the whole universe. The great mathematicians were always found from India. Every individual in Indian has born with unique creativity and skills. US only want Indian Computer Engineers and Chartered Accountant. WHY? Because they know the secret that the Indians are born intelligent and their bums have a capability to work continues for 12 hours. So, why don’t we take the advantage of the strength we have and make our country the best and more beautiful?

I Love my India.

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Sunday, 4 December 2011

My Marriage Meeting with Meenu

My family started forcing me to get engage as a couple of my friends hooked up with rich girl in community, thus I was a next target. It inspired me to pen down something after a loooooooooonnngg conversation with mom and after a two hour I end up with this………………………………………...........

‘Why you don’t want to marry now?’ mum asked me as she put my Chai cup on dinning table. 

‘Mum, please,’ I said as I yawned.

‘You are 26 now. You finished your Construction management degree in London, got a job in well reputed company with high salary. Everything is perfect in your life you just need a girl now,’ she said in a high pitch.

‘No mum, I need a break now,’ I said as I sipped Chai and Aditi’s face came in front of my puffy eyes.

‘Still how many breaks you need? You are getting so many rich girl's proposals in our community, but you are rejecting everyone,’ mum said as she sat next to me for breakfast. 

‘Mum he is ignoring your talk, he just wants to get married with that Panjabi girl,’ my elder brother, Tarun put mirchi in my and mum’s conversation. 

I gave him bad look, I couldn’t tell him anything as mum was next to me.

‘Yes, I know that. He is mad for that silly Panjabi girl,’ mum said as her facial expression got changed.

‘But mum, what problem do you have with Aditi?,’

‘I don’t like her. Her mum and dad are working in Bank of Baroda. What they will give you after marriage?’

‘Mum, I don’t want anything from them. I got a good job,’ I said as I ate a biscuit.

‘And that girl wears so tight and short clothes; I don’t like it at all. Our family is so Sanskari,’ she said as she applied butter on bread.

‘Oh, god,’ I mumbled and closed my eyes.

Mum went in the kitchen to get some more bread. 

‘You know mum that Panjabi girl has taught him to eat chicken and drink alcohol,’ Tarun again put mirchi as he finished his Chai.

‘You fucking bastard, keep your dirty mouth shut,’ I said as I threw buttered bread on his face.

‘Oh Ram, Ram, Ram, that girl has spoiled you. Also I know that she has well control over your life. Now you are wearing her choice of clothes and gave all my choice of clothes in charity,’ she screamed at me.

Now listen to me carefully. We have got a marriage proposal from Devji bhai Patel’s family for her third number daughter Meenu, she said as she put a bread plate on the table. 

‘I am not going to meet any girl,’ I said in defensive tone.

‘What is your problem beta? You know, Meenu’s father has three Construction companies, they are builders. In Gujurat, they have five-six farms. In Mumbai, they have so many random properties, which all are on lease at present. And yeah, they have three - four big cars, I don’t know their name but they all are nice,’ mum said so proudly as she is telling someone about my father’s properties.

‘I am not interested in their property mum, after all that girl is just 12th passed,’ I said as I stood up.

‘What is wrong in that? She is much fair then you. You and Meenu would be perfect for each other,’

I didn’t look at her.

‘In your friend circle everyone is getting engaged now. Didn’t Sameer and Vaishali get engaged last month?  Sameer is still studying in Australia, though he got engaged with that rich Vaishali.  And that two spoiled brat Sarang Chopra and Bhavik Pukar, even they will get rich girl in community. Their fathers have bungalows in Bhuj,’ Mum screamed at me with a knife in her hand. 

I went away as I got scared. From the sofa, I took a newspaper and turned its pages. 
‘Mum I will not meet that girl, I will get married with Aditi only,’ I said as my eyes were in a newspaper on Malika Sherawat’s boobs.

‘Oh, god,’ she said as she tapped her palm on her forehead.

‘We lost this guy. He doesn’t have values for us. He doesn’t even realise how much efforts we had taken to raise him, she mumbled, and I heard her crying voice. 

‘Ok, fine. I will come,’ I said, still my eyes were on Malika Sherawat.

‘Are you sure?’ she asked as she grinned.

: Next day :

‘See how rich they are, they have invited us in The Oberoi for meeting,’ mum said as elbowed me while we were waiting for Meenu and her rich family.

As they came, my eyes stopped on Meenu’s abnormal white skin. Her figure was fully loaded with calories. She had worn purple colour Salwaar Kamiz with golden boarder on it.

I noticed that she had been worn high heels first time in her life as she was not able to walk properly.
I greeted her parents and we went inside the five star hotel.

‘Adil, you and Meenu seat separately,’ meenu’s mum told me.

‘See we are very modern and open minded people,’ meenu’s mum elbowed my mum. I saw her from a corner of my eyes.

I and Meenu, sat on the separate table. We looked at each other; she gave me smile through her extra dark red lips.


‘Hi,’ I said with my artificial smile.

We didn’t talk for few second and kept looking at the fountain next to us.
‘You are foreign returned, na?’

‘Yes, I just returned from London,’

‘Have you been to Heathrow Airport?’ she asked.


‘It is so huge, na’

I nodded gently.

I got major shock after her question, but I controlled myself. A waiter came to take our order, I directed him to take Meenu’s order first.

‘One Pappuccino,’ she said it with a foreign accent

‘Ma’am, do you mean Cappuccino?’ waiter asked her politely.

‘ya, ya that the same thing,’

‘Sir, what would you like?’ 

 ‘Same,’ I said as I drank water.

‘What is your qualification?’ I asked.

‘12th passed with 52.33%,’ she said with a proud.

‘Why didn’t you continue your studies?’

‘Mum said, that was enough for me, as my two elder sisters studied until 10th only, even though they got good husbands. Teena didi is 9th failed but his husband is very rich. Dinky didi and her husband is 10th failed. He is also very rich, you know he has BMW,’ she said as she put more pressure on BMW while speaking.

‘I don’t want to ask you about your qualification, I know you have some high degree from Instant University, London,’ she said as she shied.

‘It is not Instant, it is Kingston’ I corrected her.

‘Ya, ya, that the same thing,’ she said without any guilty.

‘You have a Panjabi girlfriend, na?’

‘Oh, fuck how do you know about that?’ I shook in my chair.

‘Who told you?’

‘Everyone in our community knows that,’ she said as she giggled.

I wondered how everyone came to know about me and Aditi.

‘Your girlfriend is hot, kya?’ she said as she winked at me.

‘She is pretty,’

Waiter bought Pappuccino on our table. (Sorry Cappuccino).

‘So, are you guys serious or you are just using her?’ she asked as she took a sip.

I controlled my anger, as I got to know about her IQ after our 10 minute conversation. I ignored her question.

‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ I said.

‘No, no’ as she said I came to know she lied.

‘Common Meenu, tell me,’ I said as I used her name to show more friendliness.

‘Don’t tell anyone ok?’ she said with a blush

‘One Xerox wala boy in our colony used to give me miss calls during a day and in night we talk on a phone. You know in my last birthday, he gave me lots of chocolates and cute, cute teddy bears. However, we are not girlfriend, boyfriend, she said with more blush. 

I nodded on her love story.

‘See Meenu, please don’t mind. I can’t marry you. I have a girlfriend and we are seeing each other since last 3 years. It is impossible for me to leave her. I didn’t want to come here but my mother forced me to meet you. I am sorry,’
‘Its ok,’ she said with a big grin. 

‘So, you guys were together in London, Kya


‘Wow, so romantic,’

‘Have you had a sex there?’ she asked as she giggled.

I controlled my anger and prepared my mind to answer her question without disclosing the truth

‘I am pure,’ I said as I finished my Cappuccino and stood up.

‘ohhhhh,’ she giggled again.

I ignored her. My phone rang. 1 New message. I pressed open. It was Aditi ‘I love you Jaanu,’

I replied her, ‘I love you too baby,’  

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