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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Don’t lose your hopes at 23

Last week while having my evening chai, some thoughts hit my mind and I penned down them. 

Here they are,

Age from 21 to 25 is really baffling; during this phase of your life you can’t make out where your life is heading and life seems messed up and fucked up.

You personally feel that you have finished your academics and have achieved heaps of degrees, but still you need to prove yourself, to your parents and society.

It hurts your ego when you are unemployed and ask your dad for money. When your dad asks you, did you get a job? and with embarrassment you say, ‘No, not yet’.

At the same time, when your mum says ‘We have seen a girl for you and she is perfect for you’ and to switch the topic you quickly sneak into the loo.

On the other hand, your heart is occupied by the girl next door, but she is not acceptable according to the terms and conditions of your family OR may be your heart is broken because your ex-girlfriend is getting married with some hideous guy.

When things get worse you think of suicide but when you grab the bottle of poison in your hand, you throw it in the litter bin and start planning to escape from home.

Because of your loneliness and hormonal changes, you tempt to try each and every X-rated thing on this earth. You would attend more weddings to catch a glimpse of beautiful babes, or would visit to the red-light area or would even stare at Item Aunties in the market or would buy condoms to feel its smoothness.

When in the early morning you get an interview call, you are filled with an excitement and tell your dad with pride that you got an interview call. However, next day when interviewer asks you unpredictable questions and fucks you to the core, that moment you would feel that you are the biggest loser on this earth. 

You have tonnes of potential in you, but it’s difficult to expose. You are good with figures and digits, but it’s hard to reflect on paper. You have all the business strategies but you don’t have a job to implement them. After few months of ups and downs, you realise that life is not like what you had predicted it to be.

When you sit in the corner of your room and listen to your heart it will tell you ‘Buddy, don’t lose your hopes, you will get the best job, you will get an angelic girl and one day you will be the most successful man.’


I request you to share your feedback here. 

Your constant 'Support' will be my 'Triumph'.


  1. you r such a creative person & being ambitious at the same time....... really inspired....:-)

    1. Awwwww thank you so much Manu for your frank feedback :)

  2. Right noww.. I am feeling and going through exactlyyyyyyyyy the SAMEEEE What's written in this post !! : )
    Its very nicely written..

    1. hehe....everyone is going through same phase :p
      anyways, thank you so much Nitika :)

  3. dats a wonderful piece of writing dat u ve writen ..true..honest...n complete 2 describe da exact situation! :)keep writing:)

    1. ohhh I am glad that you liked it.
      Thank you so much Palak :)

  4. What you have written is so amazing. so expressed all those complex emotions in such a simple way. I guess many 23 years old are going through this situation, and u wrote it so well... I enjoyed reading every bit of this post... keep writing.. looking forward for ur book.

    1. Thank you so much Niharika. I am pleased to know that you liked my work :)
      Thanks for your feedback and support :)

  5. itz really nyc1...i reflcts a prsn of 23yrs xctlyy...gr8 work..n nyc concpt

  6. Its Really Inspiring
    Fab Work......

  7. So, true.. itz actly lyf z...
    lyf z so mch unpredictable...
    For me, lyf z unfair..!!

  8. grt piece of wisdom...