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Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Revenge

Yesterday morning I was on my way to office, I boarded 8:35am train and swiftly adjusted myself next to a window seat. I squeezed my bag between my legs and unfold a fresh newspaper. As I was about to read headline, my attention grabbed by red folded letter next to me. I glanced around, but no one seemed interested in it. I waited for more five minutes and then quickly seized it.

As I opened it, I found that someone had written a letter to God. This amazed me and with curiosity I started reading it…………………

Dear GOD,

I want to tell you something here.

Beer, hookah, cigarette, porn movies, music and friends always roamed around my life but the only thing lacking was a "GIRL". I tried my hands on various girls, but at the end I failed with humiliation and I gave up. I asked myself, ‘What is wrong in me?’ Very next day, when I saw myself in a mirror answer was in front of my eyes, my 110kg fat body. I was disappointed with my look but thanks to those gorgeous porn girls who kept me fresh and energetic.

However, One day a miracle happened to me. I got a message from an unknown girl on Facebook. ‘Hi smarty, how are you?’ I was delighted to see her message but very next moment I had a mixed feeling running through my mind that she might have mistaken by sending it to me. I closed my eyes and remembered my school teacher’s advice ‘always think positive’ and I told myself, ‘idiot, think positive, think positive, think positive’. I pinched myself and ensured that I am not day dreaming. 

My attention was grabbed by her curvy figure and slim waist. Her blazing eyes hooked me when I saw her snaps on Facebook. She looked angelic in her sharp brown eyes, thin red lips and wavy hair. We started chatting for two to three hours everyday and knew each other well. Her messages had something like a magnetic effect which attracted me more and more towards her.

Boring tasteless life turned into exciting glittering life as she came close to me. To make our flirtious conversation more interesting, we swapped our numbers. When I heard her seducing voice chill passed down my spine and I melted in her dreams.

In five months, we crossed a thin line of friendship as she cared for me. I was on cloud nine as it was like a dream for me to have such a bombshell girl. I felt proud and showed her pictures to all my friends and I proved them that I am not a loser anymore.

After six months, our telephonic conversation lasted long till 4 to 5 in the morning and my 
bed sheet started getting wet, after that I understood something is wrong.

I couldn’t control myself and asked her to meet in person and she replied, ‘I got my exams next week’

OK fine.

I asked her second time. She said, ‘I got my sister’s wedding next month’.

OK fine.

After few days she texted me, ‘I want to tell you something’. I wondered what it would be.

I asked her 3rd time, when valentine was around the corner. She said, ‘I am busy in my family function’.

OK fine.

I gave her some more time and waited for few more weeks.

One night I got her text, ‘Please, check your email’. I checked the time it was 4am. I filled with curiosity and excitement, I quickly logged in and opened her email and It read………..

“Sorry honey, I am not the one who is on your Facebook profile. I am somebody someone else. I saw you somewhere and I liked you, but I had not enough courage to approach you with my real personality and that is the only reason why I used random name someone’s name and photos to approach you. I am sorry. Please forgive me”

I was completely shattered after reading her email. My blood chocked in veins, brain stopped working and body froze on the spot. Tears rolled down my eyes as my feelings got hurt. I felt cheated as she played with my feelings. In short, SHE USED ME.

GOD, I have decided I will take a REVENGE. Now that I know her real identity and I will not spare her so easily.  She played with my feelings so now she will have to payback.

Before I take my final move I am writing this letter to you before I take my final move. Please GOD forgive me for this, I know I am going to do a wrong thing.

But yes, I will take REVENGE.

Sorry God,
I Love You,

As I finished, I was surprised and worried, my mind filled with heaps of questions. What that this guy will do? What would be his final move? How he will take REVENGE? and Will she able to face it? 
My mind was blank and I just prayed to God that grand some EXTRA strength to that girl to face harsh REVENGE. 

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Your constant 'Support' will be my 'Triumph'.