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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Friendship at first sight….

You meet some stranger at school, college or at work and as time flies you come close to that person and without realizing you start sharing each and everything with him or her. Within a few years you get attached to that person and you start giving him or her more importance in your life. You share almost similar likings and disliking and you stand next to each other in happy and sad moments, facing ups and downs of life together is what we call FRIENDSHIP.

Friends play a very crucial role in our life. You can’t visualize life without friends.
Life without friends is like a garden without flowers.
Life without friends is like a sky without clouds.
Life without friends is like an ocean without water.
Life without friends is like a school without a beautiful teacher.
Life without friends is like underwear without elastic.

Knowingly or unknowingly you always weave golden memories with your friends, which you can’t with your family or girlfriend. When you are with your friends your real soul jumps out, whereas with family you always wear a mask of decency. You have to be rigid by following some rules, whereas with FRIENDS there are no rules, there is always FUN.

Few instances are here:  

  •  Father will teach you how to earn money tactfully where as your friends will teach you how to spend money effectively.
  • Your friends will give you confidence to carry the latest hairstyle however your mum says it doesn’t suit you.
  • When you want to propose a girl your friends will come up with excellent plans, whereas your brother will demotivate you by saying, ‘ugly pig, look at yourself in the mirror’.

  •  At the age of 15 when you see a hot actress on TV and few minutes later you experience white fluid in your pants and you get scared that you got some disease and immediately you ask your friend ‘What the fuck is this? If my mum will come to know she will kill me’ and your friends will resolve your confusion and make you realize that you are boiled potato now and ready to rock and roll.
  • When your girlfriend hugs you it contains 40% of love and 60% of lust but when your friends hug you it purely contains 100% of love, affection and brotherhood.

  • When your parents ask you for a Goa trip you will say, ‘I got exams next week’ but when your friends ask you for a Goa trip you will say ‘hmmmmm…I got my exams next week but no worries, I will manage and anyway I am only left with last two chapters. So I am in’.
  • When you are drunk, your friends will give you shoulder to lean on with a glass of beer, where as your dad will give you one tight slap.

  • You will always share your best HD porn collection with your friends, but you will hide it with from your brother.
  • When you will fight with your girlfriend you both will sob whole day and night, but when you will fight with your friend you will be disappointed and  keep on thinking how should I say sorry. At the end you will get frustrated and call your friend ‘Arre sorry yar, please don’t take it seriously, I was just kidding. Now chuck it and let’s go for some chilled beer and fag’, very next hour you are sipping beer in a bar and problem solved.
  •  Our parents try to inject good quality and knowledge in us but our friends always target to spoil us. However, to be spoilt to a certain limit is acceptable because we don’t want to become ‘Sadhu Maharaj’ in life.

  • You can’t drink with your family. You can drink with your girlfriend (only if she doesn’t mind). However, you can definitely drink with your friends, get drunk and do some belly dance.
  • When you will be tensed you will not share your problem with your mum, dad, sister or brother. You will directly approach your friend and tell him everything in detail. Your friend will listen to your problem and give you the best advice and you will feel relaxed. When you will be in deep shit, your friends will definitely take you out of it, they will not leave you alone.
  • When you will be with your dominating girlfriend you will be like a cat, but when you will be with your friends you will be like a brave lion.

  • Only with your friends you can do unbelievable and unimaginable stuff, i.e. get drunk in afternoon, have Maggi at 6 o’clock in the morning, write a love letter to your beautiful teacher and peep at neighbor’s love making from your window.

  •  Your mum, dad, brother, sister or girlfriend may not know you as well as your friends know you. Your friends are very well aware about your all scandals. They exactly know how many girls you have messed up with, how many times you got drunk and puked, in how many subjects you failed, they know your secret and wild fantasies, they know who your favorite teacher in college is and they even know which girl slapped you in public and humiliated you.

  • When you go on a date with a bombshell girl, your friends will advise you to shave you stinky armpit and your curly chest hair.
  • You can’t scratch your groin in front of you dad. You can’t fart in front of your girlfriend. You can’t pick your nose in front of your neighbor’s daughter. However, you can do all these unhygienic things comfortably in presence of your friends.
You must have met hundreds of people till today, from that you might have kept very good and creamy people in your pocket and filtered boring ones. Those very good and smooth people are your FRIENDS today, who are sharing similar likings and dislike as you. You have to keep them with you throughout your life because life without friends is nothing. By this age you must have realized that life sucks, but with a few good friends you can easily get through it.

Once you achieve your higher education, you will chase for a job. Once you get a job you will say I want to earn now, I want to become rich and then I will enjoy my time with friends. After few years when you will have a heap of money in your bank account by that time it will be too late and you will not have anyone around you except your wife and children, and your friends will show you their middle finger.

With money you can’t buy FRIENDS like vegetables, you have to spare some time for friends from your busy life and have to create some golden memories with them.

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