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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Distance: The biggest challenge

When you were here,
There was nothing to fear.
I could hold you so near,
There was no pain, no tear.

When we had a fight,
I could hold you so tight.
When nothing went right,
In darkness, you were the light.

The distance has played its role,
Each happiness has to pay its toll,
Everyone around is passing by scroll,
The road is smooth, but filled with coal.

There are many things to share,
But the talk starts with a flare.
The Inner soul happiness is very rare,
Because I still miss your love, your care.

I am frustrated like hell,
I have no one to tell.
Trying to rise out of the well,
So it’s you on whom I always yell.

God is juggling our life,
We are struggling in life.
Against the rules of this life,
I promise I will make you my wife; I will make you my wife.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

True LOVE…

‘Richard, please take me with you’, Laura said as she threw an empty can of Coke at me.

‘Darling, try to understand it’s my friend’s bachelor party and girls are strictly not allowed’, I said as I struggled to knot my tie.

‘We ladies are not allowed only because you chaps want to do filthy stuff after getting sloshed’, she yelled as she threw her sandal at me.

I burst into laughter.

‘Baby, we are decent guys and we know our limits’, I said as I wore my shoes.

‘Yeah, yeah, I know how decent you and your boys are. When you see a chick in a tight mini skirt with an exposing cleavage you roam around her like a puppy’, she screamed and walked out of the room.

Laura is my angelic wife; we got married ten years back after our six years of dating in college. Her sharp blue eyes lured me towards her and trapped me for a lifetime. Just like a school kid she is stubborn and like every typical girl I have to meet all her needs. I thought she will be alright after marriage but I was wrong. In fact, after marriage she became even more stubborn and possessive. If she would spot me gossiping to any other female, she would steam like a sizzling red hot chillyHowever, she is an excellent mom. She has more contributions towards my son, Steve’s upbringing. Laura’s first love is Steve, followed by me.

Even after a hell lot of arguments I was determined with my conclusion that I will go to my friend, Andy’s bachelor party. I reckon I will disappoint Laura tonight but I have to cheer up my friend, Andy. He was shattered because after three divorces he was ‘attempting’ a fourth marriage which obviously called for a big celebration.

The party kicked off at 10pm with tequila shots, Black label and Chivas Regal. As alcohol blended in my blood, my energy level boosted, I jumped on the dance floor and shook my booty. I was in heaven as my vision got blurred; as my steps got heavier and I gulped down two more pegs of Black Label.

‘Congratulations for the 4th time my boy’, I yelled as Andy approached towards me.

‘Thank you so much buddy’, Andy said in an intoxicated tone and kissed me passionately.

‘Let’s have some more tequila shots’ Andy shouted in excitement and we gulped down two shots of tequila.

The very next moment a girl in a black mini skirt came in my blurry vision.

‘Hey handsome’, she softly whispered into my ear as she moved her warm finger on my face.

‘He hel helloo oooo’, I stammered as she came closer to me. My brain stopped working as my intoxicated eye balls got stuck on her deep cleavage, she followed my gaze and she giggled.

‘Would you like to have some drinks with me?’ she asked in a seducing tone and kept her hand on my waist.

‘Sss suu suree’, I couldn’t say no. I consumed another peg of Black Label and she had red wine.

The black magic of Black Label activated in me as she dragged me onto the dance floor and wrenched me closer to her. I kept my hand on her slim waist as an electric current passed in my body. The very next moment she pulled out a lollipop from her hand bag and squeezed it into her deep cleavage and winked at me. My heartbeat got faster as I gawked at the lollipop and sweat beads emerged on my forehead. She made me drink her red wine to relax me, but unfortunately I lost self-control. I leaned towards her to feel her chiseled figure and the very next moment I collapsed on the floor.

When I opened my eyes, I noticed that I was on my own bed wearing my night suit. My headache ensured that I was dead drunk last night, but my mind flooded with heaps of questions.
How the hell I reached home?
Who dropped me?
What time I came?

And the most essential question struck my mind, ‘Where is Laura?’

‘Laura, Laura, Darling where are you?  I shouted but I didn’t receive any response. I checked the bathroom, kitchen and the garden, but I couldn’t trace her presence anywhere. I was sure that she must be highly disappointed.

As I entered in the living room, I saw Steve playing on his playstation.

‘Steve, where is mom?’ I asked impatiently.

‘Check the dining table’, he said without looking at me.
Good morning Honey,

I have prepared your favourite breakfast today and it’s on the table. Please have it whilst I am gone to the supermarket.
I will be back soon.

I love you.

Laura’s sweet note baffled me and I questioned myself, ‘why she is not mad at me?’I felt that something was fishy.

‘Steve, tell me what happened last night? how I came home?

‘Dad move, don’t disturb me. I am about to win’, he shouted as I stood in front of the television.

‘Ohh my baby, please tell me what happened last night when I was drunk. I will buy you new games’, I said with a smile.

‘Okay, promise?’

‘Promise my boy’

Steve scratched this head and said, ‘Two men came home to drop you around 12-ish. You were dead drunk, you were unable to stand and constantly mumbling something bad. You directly went into the kitchen to drink water and broke new crockery, then came in the living room and smashed our family photo and at last you puked on our new sofa. At the end, mom cleaned all the mess and made you sleep on your bed, when she tried to take off your shirt and trousers, you shouted, ‘Hey lady, please leave me. Leave me alone, I can’t do this. I am married.’ Mom stared at you for a few seconds and kissed you passionately.

My eyes got moist as a smile spread on my worried face and the very next moment Laura was on the door, I stared at her and blushed.

‘Good morning drunk man’, she said as she blushed.

‘I love you my possessive wife’ I whispered into her ears and hugged her tight.

‘I love you too my hubby’, she said as she kissed me on my neck.

I couldn’t wait any longer, our lips planted on each other and Steve closed his eyes.

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