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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Distance: The biggest challenge

When you were here,
There was nothing to fear.
I could hold you so near,
There was no pain, no tear.

When we had a fight,
I could hold you so tight.
When nothing went right,
In darkness, you were the light.

The distance has played its role,
Each happiness has to pay its toll,
Everyone around is passing by scroll,
The road is smooth, but filled with coal.

There are many things to share,
But the talk starts with a flare.
The Inner soul happiness is very rare,
Because I still miss your love, your care.

I am frustrated like hell,
I have no one to tell.
Trying to rise out of the well,
So it’s you on whom I always yell.

God is juggling our life,
We are struggling in life.
Against the rules of this life,
I promise I will make you my wife; I will make you my wife.

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  1. I loved the ending part bro...nEvertheless the poem is simply amazing..<3
    On readin I felt like its my Life story that I am reading o/l here....
    Thankyou brother thankyou..: :)

  2. amazingly written man,just loved it.Lucky the girl,the one you love :)
    a post by you after long tym!~ great work indeed! loved it.

  3. Beautiful description of emotion and resolve to be united. Nice lines of love.

  4. Nice!
    Though I insist..let go of the rhyming and intensify the poem and layering.. :)
    Best wishes!

  5. every stanza in the poem has its own true story...
    every word is simple yet so deep with meaning !!!

  6. nice dude ... I hope you get your girl ... your love for her is so true <3 She will be one fortunate wife :))

  7. nice one... even am keen of writing poems.. nd it needs a lot pf efforts nd knowledge abah the techniques which are used bah yu very cleverly.. hats off....!!

  8. Awesome compilation..:)

  9. dis is juss amazing. . .
    each n every line has such a true meaning...luvd it :)

  10. itz awm lines..
    n true..
    feels lyk my story, my lines i am reading thru ur dis blog..
    i wish one day my story hv also a gud ending lyk othr true love stories hv..
    i wish...:|

  11. its awesome,dude!!!written straight frm d hrt...well,i can get it,since m in a long distnce relatnship 2!!...gud wrk!

  12. I Like your Rhyming style.. It makes the phrase more meaningful! Well Written Mr. AD