Loyal Readers

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mother.....My first love

She has given up on life
The day she chose to be a wife

Trying to adjust to the leaders rule,
Getting blamed, after working like a mule,

Waking up first and going to bed last,
On the smallest of mistakes; there is a blast,

Nine months of pain still makes her happy,
She gave up on career; to change our nappy,

Your happiness is hers; Ur her only goal,
She will drink your sorrows; served in a bowl,

There is utmost joy; when she feeds us the meals,
Make food someday; you will know how it feels,

Just remember the last time; on her forehead you kissed,
Though when she cares and calls; it makes you pissed,

If the expected things is not according to your taste,
The efforts that she has put is considered to be waste,

In the temple she prays for you; walking a mile,
You can’t even drop her; saying NO with a smile,

You feel she is old and will never understand you,
She was the one, who understood, when words were few,

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