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Monday, 10 September 2012

Who run the world?

Can you imagine your life without a female?

Here, I am not only talking about your girlfriend but also talking about all the female characters in your life, such as; your granny, your mother, your sister, your aunt and of course your Bollywood babes. Did you ever think about your life without these females?

Just keep all the thoughts aside and …

Just imagine you and your dad chopping vegetables and cooking together. Your dad is doing the laundry and you are rinsing them in the balcony.

Just imagine your devil brother tying Rakhi on your wrist on the occasion of Raksha bandhan and you are giving him chocolates as a return gift.

Just imagine your uncle making ladoos when you visit him as he finds a suitable boy for your marriage.

Just imagine you and your male friend together in the bed having a cosy time.
Just imagine men dancing in a dance bar wearing ghagra and choli and other drunkards showering money over them.

Just imagine our alluring Bollywood industry without hot chick actresses. How would all the movies look like? In all the movies crook villains would rape muscular heroes.

OMG…….No wayyysss. Aren’t these thoughts giving you goosebumps?
That is why women are a beautiful creation of God and men are nothing without them. So common boys let’s firmly promise ourselves that we will respect all the females around us and we will keep them safe and secure from crooks. Moreover, let’s openly accept that we are nothing without them.

So, who run the world?

Girllllllllllssss :D

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