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Friday, 28 December 2012

Let’s Balance...

It is so difficult to manage parents, friends, girlfriend and the very annoying bosses in todays fast pace life. People are giving up, many people are not interested in finding a solution and others are blaming their luck for their messed up life. To have a successful and peaceful life, we need to balance our life around our family, friends, relationships and work. When all these areas of your life are balanced, it will give you peace of mind. When you have peace of mind automatically you will balance everything very well.

Don’t get depressed when you make any kind of blunder in your office, your boss will definitely bark at you. He will pull a face or may make some harsh statement, ‘You are not performing well, you are not paying enough attention at work’. Such statement will disappoint you and you will tempt to shriek ‘Fuck the performance’, but don’t worry you are not a loser’.
What will you do if you perform really well in office and you don’t have time for your girlfriend, will you get peace of mind?
I hope you got the answer........
Due to your exceptional performance your boss will give you a 50% increment but on the other hand your girlfriend texts you, ‘It’s enough now, I am breaking up with you. I am sick and tired of your nuisance’. Will you able to enjoy that 50% increment after your break up?

Then with a broken heart you call your buddies for drinks and get drunk. At night, your girlfriend texts you again, ‘You are seriously a loser, you can’t even say sorry. Do you really want to break-up?’ out of frustration you will smash bottles and will wonder how to tackle your baffling girlfriend?

As you will reach home, mom will welcome you with the typical irritated look and she will ask, ‘did you drink? If you will drink so much then who will give you a girl? Don’t forget that you are still single’. The very next moment your father will jump into the boiling hot conversation, ‘Why did you come home? Better stay at your friend’s place only. Do you even care about us? Do you have time for us? This is not any hotel, you are coming home just to eat and sleep. I will not tolerate this anymore, note my words’. With aggravation you will rush in your room and you will think how to cope with your parent’s expectation and aspiration?

Next day you will enjoy your Sunday evening with your friends while playing cricket. Your mom will call and she will ask, ‘are you coming to Sharma aunty’s place?’ you will shout and refuse with a big ‘NO’ and you will resume your play and after sometime your girlfriend texts you, ‘Okay very nice, you have time to play cricket but you don’t have time for me, Fuck off’ and your Sunday will end up with disappointment.

Next day, Monday morning you will see that dirty face of your boss and the very first question he will put at you, ‘Did you prepare a progress report?’
Ohhh Jesus.....
Your boss will get on your nerves and you will tempt to yell, ‘Keep your fucking mouth shut and fuck your progress. I am not making any progress in my life and you bloody want your work progress report.

Hang on...hang on...hang on

Do you think that your life is full of stress and strain? No, it is not, it’s entirely up to you and how you take it. If you will crib and accept that your life is full of tension, then it is and if you say your life is fucking awesome then it is.

Why don’t we live intentionally by setting up our goals and priorities in life?
If you have ever noticed a leaf in the flowing river, it goes with the water flow. It doesn't know where it is heading; it just moves ahead aimlessly with the flow. In the same way if we won’t have clear goals and priorities, then this life will drag us somewhere with its flow and we will end up with an imbalanced life.

So why don’t we set out our goals and priorities and balance our time smartly with family, friends, girlfriend and work.
- Don’t wait for the opportunity, just grab it and, spend some time with your parents, who have done so many things for you.
- Spend some time with your annoying boss, praise him and work like a smart horse not like a donkey and eventually your boss will keep your bank account healthy.
- Spend some time with your friends, who always stand with you in your ups and downs and give you their shoulder to cry when you are drunk.
- Spend some time with your girlfriend, who will make you a proud father one day.

Million Dollar Advice:-
    Cut the cake in such a way that everyone thinks that they are getting a bigger piece of cake. 

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