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Monday, 28 January 2013

Love in Limit?

LOVE marriage? - - No no no

Arrange Marriage - - Yes okayyy

Can we fall in LOVE? - - YES sure (BUT in LIMIT)



Uffff……Life is sooooo difficult

First parents say, we will find a girl/boy for you.


And they come up with some girl/boy who has good looks but 

We don’t like him/ her, however after lot of thoughts we say YES.

A smile spreads on our enthusiastic parents

Then we try to make up our mind and try to digest the fact

To avoid outings with him/her we make excuses but eventually parents force us to go out and get to know each other.

Sometimes you end up in an argument or verbal fights with him/her

Then our parents make us understand how we shouldn't behave like that with our future partner

We say Okay, as we make a sad face..

As time flies we get to know each other well and we end up falling in love with him/her, whom we hated before.

We start roaming around with him/her and start enjoying his/her company, His/her text brings a smile on your face, late night long telephonic conversation gets more romantic..

You start listening to love songs and start humming while cook or while having a shower

Parents can make out that their child is in “LOVE”

Your behaviour starts changing and your parents start making brand new rules for you
• Don’t get physically close to him/her (you still got one year for marriage) 
• Don’t wear exposing clothes (aadmioo ki naazar aachi nahi hoti hai)
• Don’t go for late night coffee or late night walks, you should be back home by 11pm.(late night roaming is not good before engagement)

You start wondering from where all this rules and restrictions jumped in?

As your parents stop you more, your "LOVE" gets more intense and deep

When you won’t listen to them, they will start giving you non-stop lecturing….

Then you will tempt to shout, "You people only told to us to go out and know each other and now you are putting restrictions?"

Then your arranged marriage drama will turn into romantic love marriage (Where guys and girls go out and do such things which are against their parents’ wish), which will be cherry on the cake for your but it will be a headache for your parents

Parents don’t know that this is 2013’s Love, not 1960’s Love. They won’t stop loving each other and their late night coffee & late night walk won’t stop either. No one can stop TRUE LOVERS.

Someone has truly said that “LOVE” is blind, it just happened without any terms and conditions.

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