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Friday, 1 March 2013

I didn’t do anything…..I just made her smile

Yesterday I was having my lunch at the mall, which is opposite to my office. I was starving so I thought to consume heavy Punjabi food. I placed an order and occupied a table. It was a food court on the top floor of the mall, most of tables were occupied by families and some of them were occupied by lovers and college students. Within ten minutes creamy mutter paneer, naan, jira rice & dal covered my table and I started munching food to subside my appetite.

Suddenly, my attention got deflected by someone’s shout. I gazed on my right and I saw well suited & booted young manager shouting at an aged lady who was cleaning the tables and clearing the used plates.

My rice spoon stopped and attention diverted to their steamy conversation. Lady seemed to be in her late fifties; her pale face was artistically covered with wrinkles and lines.
Young manager who was in his late thirties shouted at her

‘Why these tables are messy? Why you haven’t cleaned them?’

Lady said in her low voice, ‘Sir, I went down to throw garbage’.

He said, ‘I don’t want to hear any lame excuses, if customer would come where they would sit?

I was stunned at this, there were around 50 tables in the food court, and hardly few tables were occupied. Only these two tables were messy and manager is saying where customers would sit?

Lady gazed down on the floor.

‘If you don’t want to work then let me know, don’t just roam around and pass you time. I am giving you first warning’ he said as he pointed a finger towards her.
‘Sorry sir’ she said while sighting down.

I was amazed at his behavior; he walked away and winked at his colleague. He thought he used some smart managerial skill to control his staff.
Very next moment I stared at old lady, she looked disappointed as she turned around I saw tears in her eyes. She sobbed and quickly wiped her tears from her shoulders and got back to work.

I resumed my lunch while eating I gawked at her she was disheartened. I could easily make out from her body language. I was thinking that how easily manager wiped out her beautiful smile in just five minutes but how long it will take now to get her smile back?
I was under my thinking process when she moved toward my table and took away my plate. I looked at her but she didn’t look at me. She just walked on to next table.

I quickly grab a tissue paper lying next to me, I pull out my red pen and wrote “THANK YOU” with little a cute smile on it and put 20 Rupee note in tissue and fold it.

I walked toward her and said, “This is for you”. I gave her folded tissue containing 20 rupee note and I walked away from that place even without looking at her. I stepped toward the escalator to go down and very next moment I turned around as I placed my first step on escalator and she was looking at me with Big Smile on her face.

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