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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Unspoken Golden Words...

When I saw you I went on a distressful plight,
Unknowingly you stole my heart at first sight

It seemed that you were the medicine for my painful heart,
I thought to make you my sweetheart,

It was difficult to reach you in this concrete jungle,
Long distances and external rumbles made me crumble,

I stole your photos illegally,
Because I wanted to give you space in my heart legally,

With some Jol and Jugaad I reached out to you,
Wanted to initiate the conversation with you, without losing my values,

When you ignored me, it seemed “YOU + ME = IMPOSSIBLE”,
However my heart said, “Be brave everything is POSSIBLE”,

Your beautiful smile made my day bright,
It was the reason I couldn’t sleep all night,

Your presence always made my heartbeat faster,
A life without you would be a disaster,

People laughed and criticized me without any humility,
But to get you on any condition was my priority,

Your ignorance was killing me,
But still a light of hope was kindling within me,

Life without you was dull and dry,
Constant thought of losing you, made me cry,

I know you were tempted to say ‘I HATE YOU’,
But now I have changed the game by saying ‘I LOVE YOU’,

I gave you so much pain and trouble,
But I will heal your scars, by loving you double,

You asked me, “When I need you, will you take your stand ever?”
Here is my Answer: YES I will and I will be Your’s Forever

"Very first time Unspoken Golden Words (poem) in video version"

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