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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Twilight India

Our society seems to be in a mess,
Where girls’ try to save their dress.

Day-by-day, crime and rape are going upward,
But politicians still are not feeling awkward.

Girls are not playing in the park,
As it has becomes a hideout place for gangsters in the dark.

Mothers pray to God that rape should arrest,
While Fathers get stressed.

The government is not ready to take your complaint,
As they don’t feel your pain.

To be polite is a disgrace,
When the police don’t file your case.

Drugs and sex aren't difficult to find,
It seems our country has gone blind.

Soldiers are laying their soul for the country,
And without doing anything political hero wants legendary,

Army men, no longer head home,
Their wife and kids chat by the phone.

The country’s economy is in pieces,
Still corrupt governments are not ready for peace.

Aam aadmi is craving for food, water, shelter and electricity,
But politicians are not proving basic necessities.

Congress lost their dignity,
Sonia and Rahul in search of lost supremacy.

Power is now with Modi Sarkar,
Country is hoping, he will heal all the scars!


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