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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Dearth Water

It seems the earth with water abounds;
It's every drop, that really counts.

Rural areas are facing a drought.
Helpless farmers are going to shout!

Water crisis are increasing suicides;
By this act our country is losing its pride.

Farmers are waiting for businesses to boom.
Media forecasting, a good monsoon.

PM carrying out campaigns of "Save Water".
Let's support him by ensuring, water doesn't goes to the gutter.

You drink a bit, the rest you throw;
Tiny drop of water could help a plant grow.

You need water to keeping yourself clean.
Don't you think about keeping your plants green?

Don’t waste time in the shower;
Your saved water could be utilise by a flower.

When brushing your teeth and washing your hands;
Think of all thirsty kids in deprived lands.

The leaky tap drips day and night,
Just fix it right or shut it tight!

Just think of all the water lost;
To close the tap, what does it cost?

A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold,
Previously, the importance of water, was not being told.

So listen carefully all sons and daughters,
It is very essential to save our waters!

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Your constant 'Support will be my 'Triumph'.